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By addressing Mind and Body together, you can make profound, lasting change in weeks and months.


Mind/Body Coaching

Take control of your thoughts and emotions


Our Method

A proven and personalized process


Mentorships for Coaches

Sometimes coaches need coaching, too.

Mind/Body Coaching: What Sets Us Apart

Aligning mind and body

The wisdom of the body, its emotions, intuitions and sensations, is a powerful ally that most of us have disconnected from. We help you reconnect so that you can feel less stress and have better relationships.

Resolving unseen patterns

We teach time-tested mindfulness practices alongside modern neuroscience to reveal and resolve the unseen patterns that keep people disconnected from their purpose and stuck.

A proven program

We combine personalized one-on-one coaching with mindfulness training developed over years of coaching everyone from business leaders to stay-at-home moms. You’ll develop knowledge and skills that you can take into any situation.


We help people strike a balance between work, life and spirit so that they feel whole, happy and purposeful.

Brief but deep engagements

Our programs are less than six months in length; we get to the heart of the issue quickly. During this time the work is very introspective and focused.

Mind/Body experts

We have strong and deep backgrounds in helping people apply mind/body practices to their lives.

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Words of Note

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